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Rhyming Word Lesson VKVs

Using Rhyming Word Families to Read Words Lesson.doc The purpose of this lesson is to help students learn to recognize rimes (chunks) in words both in isolation and in context. It makes use of both a VKV and the Accordian Pocket Book.

Story Elements Layered Look Book Foldable® The purpose of this Foldable® is to engage students in an activity that will enhance their understanding of story structure and story elements.

3 Tab Venn Diagram Foldable® Use this to compare and contrast characters, books, story elements and more.

Biography Top Pocket Project Foldable Use this Foldable as students read and write biographies.

Notetaking Top Tab Foldable Students use this to research ocean animals.

Citing Sources 2 Tab Foldable I had students glue the directions for citing book and website sources under the tabs and then write an example using a book and a website. They used this as a guide when they cited their research sources.

Biography Layered Look Book Foldable EliWhitneyFoldable.ppt The focus of this Foldable was on someone who made a contribution, background information about the person, the contribution he/she made, how we benefited from it in the past and how we benefit from it today, challenges he/she faced and how they handled them, personality traits and evidence, and the student's note about the person. It can be used as is or as a notetaking guide for a oral, written, or multimedia biography.

Character Map Foldable

Close Reading Planning Guide Foldable®

Pictures of Foldables®
Pocket Book and Bound Book